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China has ranked as the world’s largest producer of nonferrous metals with its fast economy growth over the last two decades. After continuously making efforts on tackling key technological problems and accumulating a wealth of experiences in practice, now CHMM are delight and ready to share the CHINESE EXPERIENCE, COST-EFFECTIVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES with all friends in nonferrous beneficiation and metallurgy industry all over the world.

Key field

Nonferrous Metals environmental protection field

  • The development of secondary Zinc Oxide high efficiency and low cost decurrent technology has been widely applied in non-ferrous smelting enterprises.
  • Smelting wastewater zero discharge technology, arsenic slag, soot pollution-free treatment of new technologies, achieved good environmental, social and economic benefits.
  • Study on smelting technology of rare and precious metals

  • Including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, osmium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium and other metals extraction and purification.
  • Nonferrous metal smelting technology and process design

  • Including Cu, Pb, Zn, Ni, Co, Bi, Sn, Sb, W, Mo, Li and other extraction process design and complex metallurgical slag comprehensive recovery project design.
  • Study on vanadium extraction from various vanadium ores

  • The combined technology of vanadium extraction from stone coal can enrich vanadium grade effectively, reduce the amount of smelting materials and reduce the smelting cost.
  • High efficiency smelting field

  • Vanadium ore pollution-free green extraction of five oxidation two vanadium technology;
  • Refractory gold extraction technology.
  • Comprehensive recovery technology of low grade tin ore and tin slag;
  • High efficient recovery technology of rhenium-bearing materials such as rhenium ore and slag; recovery of rare and dispersed metals from indium, germanium, gallium, selenium, tellurium slag and soot
  • Engineering consulting field

  • Feasibility study on comprehensive recovery of metallurgical waste residue, feasibility study of dilute rare metals project.
  • Research and development of bismuth series products

  • It includes bismuth vanadate, bismuth molybdate, ultrafine three oxidized two bismuth, bismuth tungstate, sodium bismuth and so on.
  • Technical field of comprehensive utilization of resources

  • The efficient separation and reduction technology of tailings resources in mineral processing.
  • Comprehensive recovery and utilization technology of tailings
  • Comprehensive utilization technology of solid wastes such as chemical slag and metallurgical slag.
  • Comprehensive utilization of urban mineral resources technology: the main research on the electroplating sludge, circuit boards, waste catalysts, waste batteries and other harmless urban mineral resources recycling technology.
  • Comprehensive recovery of Complex Refractory Polymetallic ores, smelting slags, chemical solid wastes: smelting of complex gold concentrates, hydrometallurgical copper, molybdenum-rhenium polymetallic ores, comprehensive recovery of waste slags containing selenium, rhenium, gallium and germanium, hydrometallurgical clean smelting of lead-bearing materials, synthesis of waste catalysts containing vanadium, molybdenum, rhenium, platinum and palladium Combined utilization technology)
  • Research facilities


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    • icp-ms
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    • ic
    • hplc
    • aas
    • laser particle analyzer
    • infrared carbon sulfur analyzer
    • surface area analyzer
    • titrator
    • atomic fluorescence spectrometer
    • atomic emission spectrometer
    • total organic carbon analyzer
    • spectrophotometer
    • polarographect
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