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Waste Circuit Board Recycling Production Line

Waste (discarded) circuit board recycling, treatment production line is the serious of complete sets of equipment,through the processing of waste (discarded)PCB,CCP, aluminum-plastic panel and so on,which achieves the separation of metal materials from the non-metal materials and has realized the purpose of turning waste into treasure and renewable resources.

This production line, mainly adopting the method of physics and chemistry, shill be divided into three stages:
• Removal of electronic components;
• Metal and non-metallic separation;
• Extraction of precious metals.


Equipment Feature

○ Compact structure, reasonable design.
○ Easy to operate, stripped clean.
○ Replacement parts, and easy maintenance.
○ Multi-valve control, the maximum extent to solve the heat loss and save energy.
○ Three-stage exhaust gas treatment apparatus absorption of harmful gases, emissions in full compliance with national environmental requirements "air pollutant discharge standards" GB16297-1996, no secondary pollution.
Model Total power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(Kg) Overall Dimension(mm)
YY2OO 15.2 200 1370 8135×1600×3260 


High voltage electrostatic separation is an important part of the circuit board recycling equipment. PCB substrate, containing more than 85% of the Cu and Au, Ag, Sn, Pd and other precious metals, in addition to metal and resin, which form the basis of circuit board materials such as fiber.
After processing, they are precious wealth of renewable resources. Separate the metal and nonmetal is to implement the second phase of recovering waste circuit board.

 Technological Process